Tips for the Best Travel Experience

Wouldn’t you just hate it if you were flying to another city and just wanted to relax for a couple of hours in your flight but your co-passenger, sitting next to you, has been constantly moving and elbowing you every time you are almost about to doze off? Or may be the screams of the kids playing in the aisle woke you up? Annoying… isn’t it? Some people absolutely have no idea of what airplane etiquette are. Flying with the best customer service for a memorable experience deserves some respect from you too. Don’t you think, it is wise to make the mid-air journey comfortable for the flight attendants and your fellow passengers? You may have been indulging in behavior that just cannot be classified as sophisticated. Testing everyone’s patience in the flight can absolutely be a deal-breaker and might get you into trouble if things get out of hand.

Etiquette On Airplanes

Reclining Seats

We all want to get comfy when the flight takes off. Avoid inconvenience to the passenger seated in front of you or behind you by reclining your seat a little too much. You will consume the leg space of the passenger behind you and you will intrude the space of the passenger seated in the front by spreading your legs under their seat, so much that your feet just bumped into theirs! It is advisable that you recline only half the capability of the seat to recline.
Elbow Room

I am sure all of us have at least once been seated next to someone who has rudely elbowed you for some arm space. Make sure you are not occupying theirs. There is one arm rest to be shared between two seats. You can do without it. But if you are using it, make sure your elbow does not touch the next passenger’s body. Ideally, your arm should occupy half the vertical length of the arm rest without crossing it.

Need a Shoulder?

Once I was traveling alone and this old gentleman seated next to me fell off to sleep. Halfway through the journey, his head slipped off onto my shoulder while he was sleeping. I was tortured for 15 minutes wondering if I should wake him up from his sleep or just push him away. When you are sleeping, have control over your body. You are not on your bed and you are traveling with a complete stranger.

Screaming Kids

Ugh. Why don’t parents just put a duct tape to shut up their children? Okay, I am not serious about that but it would be nice if they taught their children to behave well while at public places, especially when traveling in an already congested aircraft. Kids will play understandably. However, children keeping everyone awake throughout the journey is absolutely rude. You won’t be seen as a good parent. Let us all pledge to our children!

Angry Parents
Many parents try to cover up the embarrassment by shouting at their kids to keep quiet and sit down. This is even worse. First, you don’t teach your children how to behave on an airplane and then you pretend to be a good parent by publicly humiliating them. Such parents are often heard screaming and lecturing their kids about good manners. Please, do it at home. Airplanes are just not the place for you.


Yes, newspapers can be a hassle too. No, not to you but your co-passengers. Imagine, you come and sit with a newspaper stretched on both sides. I get it, you have to increase the gray matter. But, for God’s sake, save them to read while you wait to board your flights, not in the aircraft itself! While reading a newspaper, you tend to spread your arms to accommodate the newspaper’s width, thereby, occupying your next passengers’ seats.

Talk Too Much

Then there are those passengers who just do not stop talking. They may be traveling with someone or alone. If they are alone and seated next to you, they will make your ears their new friends. Such people talk about anything and everything under the sun and unflinchingly share their family life details with you even if you are not interested. Are you one of those people? Refrain from talking to another passenger unless they show interest and you don’t mind.

Frequent Trips to the Bathroom

If you drink a lot of fluids, especially on board to keep yourself hydrated on a long journey or generally make frequent trips to the bathroom, ask for an aisle seat instead of a window seat while taking your boarding pass. Else, you would be troubling those seated around you every time you get up to use the restrooms.

You Blast Music

This is a huge faux pas! If you like to listen to music, keep it on low else it will be audible to everyone on board in the quiet flight. Nothing is more frustrating than rock music, that does not even belong to your iPod, reaching your ears like a little mosquito humming it.

Looking Out

The sky is absolutely wonderful when you are thousands of feet above the ground. But, if you are one of those who absolutely cannot do without staring out of the window, please request for a window seat before boarding the plane. It is absolutely annoying to have someone leaning over you to watch the sun in the flight.

Eying Another’s Journal

This happens to me all the time. When I am reading an article about how to make your guy happy or save big this month, I generally catch another passenger eying my copy of the magazine and reading the article secretly over my shoulder. It is very embarrassing, for both the people. I don’t want you to know what’s going on in my life and I am sure you don’t want to be the person who cannot afford a magazine to read.
Being an ex-frequent flyer, I could literally go on and on about some really disturbing etiquette of people ranging from taking off your shoes for the entire flight to smell the bad odor emitting off your feet, knocking down everyone while carrying your luggage into the flight, throwing garbage around and of course the fussy people who travel in economy but act like they belong to the business class. I hate the tantrums. Well, okay sometimes I throw them too for bad service. You caught me. But let’s practice flying comfortable to survive a long haul flight without causing any problems of inconvenience to others around.

Best Tips on Sleeping During Air Travel

Whether you are traveling through domestic or international flight, the air travel can be troublesome if you are not prepared in advance. Here, we are talking about the people who like to sleep during air journey instead of facing regular travel. So, while planning a trip abroad or domestic be it a business venture or holiday, read on to this write-up for some useful tips that will help you take enjoyable sleep on flight.

1. Chose the Right Seat

Always choose window seats as they are best for sleeping and have enough space as well as place to lean against. Likewise it is important that you don’t have to move to allow other passengers past back and forth at every short span of time. The aisle seats allow a little more room, but you’ll have to keep yourself out of the aisle in order to allow beverage cart and people to pass by.

2. Get a Good Travel Pillow

You will find various kinds of travel pillows on the market with each having their own pros and cons. You must pick inflatable pillows as they don’t take much of space and are easy to carry. Both “J” shaped and “U” shaped pillows are good, it depends on person to person preference.

3. Buckle Your Belt

First and foremost rule while preparing to sleep. Be sure that your seat belt is fastened on the outside of your blankets and clothing. It allows the flight attendants to see your seat belt is perfectly secured and they won’t have to wake you up in any case of air turbulence.

4. Cover Your Eyes

The lights in the airplane can be turned off and on a lot of times. In order to get away from this disturbance of frequent light changes, buy an eye mask and wear it while going to sleep.

5. Wear Ear Plugs

Airlines provide ear plugs or ear buds to keep you away from the noise of taking off and landing. But, for sleeping reason you can buy ear phones and play music of your kind to keep the noise out. Sleeping while listening to the music of your choice will sooth your sleeping and keep you away from the hum of the aircraft as well as the noise of your neighbors.

6. Wear Comfortable Clothes

If it’s going to be a long journey and you are planning to sleep on board than it is very important for you to choose the right clothes to wear. You can wear loose clothes that are flexible and breathable. Wearing comfortable clothes will help you to have a comfortable sleep.

7. Make Yourself Sleepy

If you want to make yourself sleepy, try different techniques to do so. Some quick tips are reading a book that you feel is very boring or watch the boring in-flight movie. Whatever makes your eye lids heavy, use it!

8. Free Your Feet

If you are planning to sleep, then be ready to keep some room for your feet. For that, you can move your carry-ons to the overhead bin to give yourself some extra room to stretch out. Also, bring your travel slippers to make your feet comfortable.

So, these were some very useful travel tips for people planning to sleep onboard. Follow them and enjoy your air travel with ease.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Heading For an Air Travel

With the growing business air travel has indeed become one of the best options for the businessmen and travellers to move from one place to other. The aviation sector in India has witnessed a tremendous growth and progress in the past few years. So this place has an attractive potential and growth of airlines.

For those who have travelled by air would agree to the fact that the air travel is indeed hectic and demands a lot of preparation that needs to be done before you board your plane. Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind before you can head for a memorable air experience.

1. Air Tickets: Air Tickets form the most important part of any air travel. When you book your tickets with some airlines, a confirmation mail will be sent to you in your inbox. This mail contains the e-ticket that contains all the relevant information pertaining to your air travel. Make sure that you take out at least two copies of this ticket and store it at some safe place. Many travel agents and airlines recommend that you should book your tickets at least two to three months before your departure so that you can avail a number of discounts and other schemes. However, if you are travelling at the last moment then chances are that you might get an expensive ticket.

2. Packing: Now that you have your tickets booked, the next thing that must come to your mind is packing. The packing can become a hectic affair. So in order to deal with it effectively you should maintain a list of things that should pack and what to avoid. Also keep in mind not to overweight your luggage because airlines charge heavily for the excess baggage. Thus you should carry only those things that are required on your journey. Do carry some good books to kill your boredom on the flight. Also carry a good neck pillow.

3. Last but not the least; do take a good care of yourself. Inform your colleagues and boss at office about your travel and if possible take a day off one or two days before your departure. Also take adequate sleep a night before your journey. This will help you to travel in healthy and right frame of mind. You will also avoid Jetlag also. A sound sleep will recharge your batteries that will result in better state and you will be all charged up for the journey. Also make a point to reach the airport at least two to three hours before the departure so that you can complete the various formalities well within time.


Finding Business Benefits of a Private Jet for You

Businesses involve a lot of money. Spending the money wisely on the right thing and at the right time is the trick to recovering the money spent and generating profits. Businessmen often need to travel all over the world to attend important meetings and crack profitable deals. Since traveling is one of the important aspects of a business, it must be addressed in a correct way. Commercial airline services are always available for travel, but are also associated with many hassles. As business appointments are important and cannot be played with, reaching the destination on time is crucial. Here the benefits of traveling by a private jet can be reaped. It is true that a private flight can cost a lot, but most of the time, the value for money received is far higher than that received by traveling with commercial airlines. So, why should businessmen consider traveling by a private jet? Here is the answer.

Business Benefits of Private Jet Travel

  • Its most important business benefit is that it saves time. A lot of time is wasted during long waiting hours at the airport. This wastage can be avoided when a private flight is used for travel because there is no waiting period, and the flight can take off within a few minutes.
  • Aircraft charter companies provide special lounge services which are reserved for business people. VIPs can enjoy the comfort without facing difficulties of the common airport lounge for passengers.
  • Business data and information is a confidential matter that cannot be disclosed or discussed in public. A private flight offers privacy to discuss confidential matters without worrying about being overheard. Discussions can be held in enclosed flight surroundings without compromising on confidentiality.
  • Long security lines of commercial airlines are tiresome, and sometimes call for stringent security checks like opening of luggage and even stripping of clothes. To avoid these hassles, executives traveling in groups can opt for a private jet that requires minimal security checks as all the passengers traveling aboard are known to each other and are trustworthy.
  • Many business meetings are scheduled promptly. Air tickets may not be instantly available in such circumstances. A private jet can come to the rescue as it can be booked at a short notice. Many aircraft charter companies require only a few hours to arrange a flight. If a jet is owned by the organization, then even this little delay will not arise.
  • It also offers the flexibility of rescheduling flight departure if, by any chance, there is a delay in a scheduled meeting. In such situations, commercial airlines do not provide that flexibility and charge a certain amount of cancellation fee which is saved in case a private aircraft is used for travel.
  • Private plane travel is the most comfortable means of air travel. The luxury of a business class in a commercial airline is less than that experienced in a private plane. Restricted leg space and a common washroom are often a problem with other airlines. A jet gives enough space to feel as comfortable as in a luxurious hotel room.
  • A private flight provides the option of deciding the time of flight as per the meeting’s schedule. One can customize the flight arrival and departure at the desired destination so that there is no unnecessary break and trouble during travel. Apart from this, executives can also choose airports for in-between halts at desired airports.
  • To keep the work going on, such jets also have the facility of wireless Internet access. This increases convenience for business executives who need to be in touch with the world round the clock.
  • Executives traveling to other places for an extended stay do not have to worry about the luggage carrying limit. The luggage limit per person is quite high as compared to commercial airlines which have to carry the luggage of several passengers. Also, problems like lost or damaged luggage do not arise as the flight carries luggage of limited number of people.
  • A private plane can prove to be an economical affair for business groups. The expense of traveling business class for so many people may be more than that spent on a private flight travel.
  • Most charter companies provide ground services like pick-ups and drops to and from the airport. These convenient pick and drop services provide peace of mind to business people heading towards an important business meet.
  • Pilots and flight attendants are qualified and certified for their job so that the flight and its passengers are in safe hands. As business executives traveling to different locations for official work are the responsibility of the business organization, a private jet offers safety and security to them. Aircraft are screened carefully with safety records in place to avoid mishaps during travel.
  • In-flight meetings with proper presentation arrangements can also be organized so that confidential discussions can be done along with saving on time.
  • Lastly, charter companies provide excellent wine and dine facilities for businessmen to unwind and relax during the entire span of travel.

Wondering how to get your own private jet? There are many companies offering jet chartering services to individuals and businesses. Place a call and they will set everything as per the desired requirements. With so many benefits of executive jet travel, it is definitely an option worth considering because time is precious and time is money!