Ways to Get Cheap Air Tickets

While many air travelers would want cheap air tickets, it is highly unlikely that many of them put up sufficient efforts to find the ones. Air ticket pricing is a complex juggernaut involving a number of dynamic factors which can vary unexpectedly in real time, bringing about changes in ticket prices in short period of time. Hence, it makes sense to search for cheapest air tickets every time you have to undertake air travel. Here is a list of some of the guidelines for travelling cheap on flights:

Flexibility of Travel-Opt offseason

If you can be flexible with dates and times of travel, you can make a big different to your savings. You can fly for a business meet during the night time when the tickets are generally lowly priced. While planning for a vacation, you can opt for an off-season period of travel, either just in beginning or at the end of peak season. Airlines know which are the peak seasons of travel and will not let go this opportunity of earning more revenues. A flexible approach is extremely helpful in this respect.


A good number of people simply do not factor in the offers and discounts in their calculations of ticket prices. There could be promo codes or similar offerings which shall be considered as well. Promotional campaigns generally offer a number of incentives to passengers for taking up travel.

Book Using Mobile Apps

Since number of mobile users are on rise and there is an expectation that the mobile-based internet transactions will take over desktop transactions, airlines and travel agencies would want their mobile applications to be downloaded by people and used for ticket booking. To this end companies provide exclusive offers and discounts. The only thing passengers have to do is to download the mobile application and avail of the discounts.

Last Minute Deals

At times, air travelers are offered last minute deals by the airlines for their unsold inventory. This is something which is related to the airline policy and is not a regular feature. If you are willing to wait till the last minute and take the risk of missing the flight, then trying out this method could be a worthwhile proposition.

Search Extensively

It is also suggested to make a comprehensive search spanning top travel agencies and preferred airlines to look into what these have to offer to you. Generally, people take to the preferred carriers and not make use of deals on other carriers. Unless you are a loyalist for a particular airline, this is something which shall be tried to find and book lowest air fares.